panoramaNot only will the Panorama Tower in Miami’s Brickell be the tallest building in Florida once it’s completed in late 2017, it’ll be one of the most technologically advanced with a $4.5 million high-speed network.

That’s how much Miami-based Atlantic Broadband has committed to invest in Florida East Coast Realty’s 83-story project. Getting exclusive contracts for high rises is a lucrative business for cable companies and Panorama Tower will be one of the largest deals in Miami. Atlantic Broadband said it would be its largest ever investment in a single project.

“Panorama Tower is a massive undertaking with its three-million-square-foot complex, and we’re excited to deploy the fastest and best technologies for area residents and businesses, as well as be part of history in having a hand in one of the biggest projects in Miami and on the eastern seaboard,” Atlantic Broadband President and CEO Richard Shea said.

Located at 1101 Brickell Ave., Panorama Tower will have 821 apartments, 100,000 square feet of medical office space with a teaching facility, a 208-room hotel, and about 50,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space. It’s currently under construction.